Our Country Magic Beets are a perfect example of “what was old is new again”. We offer red bunched beets as beets are gaining in popularity due to their colour and health benefits.

Our beets are grown both from transplant and direct seeds, this allows us to deliver our beets to you that much earlier. We are always experimenting with different varieties that offer great taste profiles that liven up your plate.
Country Magic beets should be kept between 0°C to 5°C until consumed and handled with care. Beets are ethylene sensitive so avoid storing with produce such as apples and tomatoes.

Health & Wellness

Beets are gaining in popularity again due to the health benefits of their rich red/purple colour. The red colour in beets is due to betanin, which provides benefits such as anti-inflammation, antioxidants and detoxifications. Beets are an excellent sources of magnesium, potassium, manganese and vitamin C. Beets are unique in that the longer you cook them, the more the colour dissipates and proportionally loses its nutritional value. Beet greens are a superior source of lutein which is essential for good eye health.

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