Country Magic lettuce tastes so good because of where it is grown. Our lettuce is produced in a unique micro climate on a peat soil farm located outside Berwick, Nova Scotia. The unique climate allows us to maximize the flavor of each plant. The warm days and cool nights ensure that every head of lettuce is crisp and full of flavour.

Country Magic iceberg lettuce is irrigated regularly because irrigation is necessary to provide continuous moisture for maximum yields and quality. Iceberg’s poorly developed root system also means that nutrients need to be placed near the roots for more efficient uptake. Country Magic iceberg lettuce is the most refreshing of all the lettuce types because it has the highest water content.

Our lettuce is grown on raised beds on black plastic which helps with weed control as well as provide drainage and airflow throughout the plant beds. All of our lettuce is transplanted into the fields giving the plants a sturdy start.
Lettuce should be stored at 0-3 degrees celius to maintain crisp freshness with a relative humidity of 90-98% humidity. They are ethylene sensitive.

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Romaine is a variety of lettuce that grows in a tall head of sturdy leaves. The lettuce is a deep green colour with a firm rib down the center that provides a crisp texture and refreshing taste. It is also the mildest lettuce, and most preferred by people who want a mild taste. Country Magic romaine lettuce is refreshing with a hint of sharpness to its flavor. It provides an excellent source of vitamins A and K plus folate.

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