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Commercial Pick

Money grows on bushes at the Blueberry Acres – you just have to pick it off to get paid! Have another job and would like to pick during free time or holidays? Enjoy the good weather in the blueberry fields with all our fantastic commercial pickers earning extra money at the same time. Full days or part days!

Our blueberries conveniently grow within easy reach on high bushes. Most cultivated varieties of blueberries grow large and sweet – it doesn’t take long to fill up your containers.

The commercial harvest starts in late July, early August and runs through October, weather and crop dependent. The weather and crop do determine picking so check by calling our commercial pick line, 902-582-7095 daily for updated picking times and locations. Updates are given daily by 7 am.
Our commercial blueberry fields are located in Sheffield Mills on Saxon Street and Middle Dyke Road. We also have commercial picking fields on Jackson Barkhouse Road in Medford.
For the commercial pick you will need comfortable clothing, a picking container, lunch, water and sunscreen for a lucrative day of blueberry picking. We recommend a 2 L container with a strap for around your neck for ease of picking. As examples, our seasoned pickers use thin belts, scarves and wide shoe laces for straps.
We ask that all pickers sanitize their hands after eating or having a drink of water, after using the washroom and before picking. We provide in field hand sanitizer stations for our pickers.
All children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
Commercial picking is paid by the pound. Depending on the bushes being picked and how fast you pick, determines the amount you can earn. The dollar per pound changes throughout the season.
You are issued tickets for how much you have picked, you turn in your picked blueberries throughout the day. Then you take your ticket to the pay window where your ticket gets exchanged for cash.

On harvest days, the pay window is open scheduled hours. Please check our commercial harvest bulletin board beside the pay window each harvest day for any changes to these times.

To get paid by cheque, please visit our payroll department for the correct process to follow.

The pay window is the only place to turn your tickets in for payment; unless you have previously set up with payroll to be paid by cheque.
We have parking areas available at the fields and we ask that you please lock your vehicle. Buses will transport you to the field being picked.
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