Our Country Magic highbush blueberries are deeply rooted in the Annapolis Valley soil. The unique growing area of the Annapolis Valley creates a vibrant juicy berry for our customers. Our blueberries come from 40 different varieties of bushes, allowing us to have the freshest blueberries on the market, since different varieties ripen at different times. Country Magic blueberries begin to ripen in late July and come into peak season during August and September.

You can experience the magic by picking your own Country Magic blueberries right on our farm. Check out our u-pick page for more details.

Why are blueberries great for you?
Blueberries contain high levels of anthocyanins, which act as antioxidants and have multiple health benefits in the body, including lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, improved memory function and reduction of risk of certain types of cancer.
For short period storage, fresh Country Magic blueberries should be kept between 0°C and 5°C allowing you to preserve the magic at home. They can be frozen for later use. To get full advantage of the health benefits provided by anthocyanins in blueberries, consume fresh or frozen, but do not leave in a thawed state for more than a short time.


Our blueberries are fertilized with the rich nutrients of the ocean….we use a natural seaweed plant extract on our bushes which boosts plant health and lowers disease pressure. When Country Magic highbush blueberries are harvested they are either sent directly to your store or put into long term storage.

Here at Country Magic we have both frozen and controlled atmosphere (CA) storages. CA storage allows us to preserve our fresh blueberries without freezing them. Lowering oxygen and increasing CO2 levels essentially puts the berries to sleep, maintaining quality for several weeks. We also pay great attention to the details of harvesting. All of our fresh blueberries are picked by hand and cooled quickly to retain optimal freshness.

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