Country Magic blackberries are one of our newest crops and certainly one of our most challenging to grow. Cultivated blackberries, like their wild counterparts, are not winter hardy and are susceptible to winter damage. Our blackberries are grown inside Haygrove Tunnels (a European style greenhouse).

The tunnels remain covered year-round to protect the blackberries from wind and winter damage.

Blackberries are highly nutritious. One serving of blackberries (250 mL, about one cup or 153 g) provides an excellent source of fibre, vitamins C and K, and manganese. Our blackberries are also a good source of vitamin E and folate and a source of 7 other vitamins and minerals. In addition, blackberries contain about 220 mg of anthocyanins per serving – these compounds give our blackberries their deep vibrant colour. Research suggests that anthocyanins are potent antioxidants that have excellent disease-fighting capabilities with positive effects on cardiovascular and brain health as well as prevention of certain cancers. Consuming Country Magic blackberries is a great addition to a healthy daily diet.
Country Magic blackberries should be kept between 0°C to 2°C until consumed and handled with care.


Country Magic blackberries get their delicious taste because of how we grow them. The protection from the tunnels provides an ideal environment for the fruit to mature and ripen. The unique climate allows us to maximize the flavor of each individual berry.

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