Our Facilities

Country Magic products are produced, packed or processed to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We continue to develop new processes and technologies to improve our products, within our vegetable packing plant, fruit packing plant and other facilities.

The Nova Agri Vegetable Plant is in operation 12 months of the year to store and pack Country Magic potatoes, onions and garlic. The plant can offer precooling, grading/packing, and cold storage for potatoes. Onions we utilize drying/curing, grading/packing, and long term cold storage facilities.

The Nova Agri Fruit Plant is in operation for 3 months of the year to store and pack blueberries, grape tomatoes and blackberries as well as frozen goods. We offer long term custom storage for controlled atmosphere for apples and frozen goods. The plant can offer precooling, colour sorting, grading/packing, cold storage, controlled atmosphere and freezer storage.

Vital Berry Farms is in operation for 6 months of the year to store and pack strawberries and field beans. We offer precooling and cold storage.

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