Our blueberry and raspberry u-pick is closed for the 2019 season. We look forward to seeing you in 2020.

Please call our U-Pick line for daily picking information

1 (902) 582-1482

1225 Middle Dyke Rd.
Centerville, NS.

Blueberry Upick

Our blueberry u-pick season is always a great time of year, beginning in late July/early August, running through to mid /late September. Please join us at Blueberry Acres for a fun time picking highbush blueberries in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. If you have any questions while here, our friendly u-pick staff is available to help you.

Please call ahead to ensure we are open for the day as the u-pick is weather and crop dependant. 1-(902)-582-1482

Weather and crop permitting, our blueberry u-pick is open from 9am to 5pm seven days a week in August through Labour Day, and six days a week in July and September (closed Mondays; except Labour Day Monday) Please check our Facebook page: Blueberry Acres, or call 902-582-1482 for daily updates.

Our blueberry u-pick is weather (and crop) permitting. For daily information about our u-pick please visit our Facebook: Blueberry Acres, or call 902-582-1482.

We currently supply our customers a 2 L picking container with neck strap, which allows everyone the ability to pick with both hands and to lift branches up, then all the great berries can be reached.

We would appreciate it if you could bring your own picking containers (similar to ours makes it easier to pick). Due to breakage, we are short of these 2L containers and straps.

We also provide our Blueberry Acres u-pick box (holds 10 – 12 lbs depending on berry size); a convenient container for travel.

Be prepared for the sun! We recommend you bring water, a hat, and sun screen. Be careful with any valuables you bring into the field, as they are easily lost and very hard to find in the bushes and grass.

Recycle your u-pick box! Bring your old Blueberry Acres u-pick box back and use it again. As long as you pick more than 6 lbs in your used box, you receive $1 off your purchase with a minimum of 8lbs.

We have many different varieties of u-pick blueberries: Blue Crop, Blue Ray, Bonus, Berkley, Duke, Jersey and Spartan. Each berry offers a unique flavour and is equally nutritious and delicious.

It does not take long to pick our blueberries. In just 10 minutes you can pick enough blueberries for two delicious blueberry pies!!

Our blueberries cost $2.55/lb. If there are less than a total of 6 lbs per person (or a couple) picked, there is a $3.00 experience charge on each box.

Due to the increased cost of our Blueberry Acres u-pick boxes, we have found it necessary to charge a $1.00 fee for each new box.

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Debit or cash.

There is a $1.00 charge for credit and debit sales under $5.00.

We are only a short drive to Canning or Kentville.

Unless we are picking around our U-pick building, a u-pick bus will shuttle you to and from the blueberry fields. For safety reasons, there cannot be any open blueberries or food on the bus; all blueberries must stay ENCLOSED in their containers.

For anyone with a mobility issue, we have reserved a section beside our U-pick building for easy access and picking.
We do not allow pets in our blueberry fields due to our Blueberry Acres retail farm audits and health concerns. As pets can die when left in vehicles, please leave them home while visiting.
Freezing your blueberries is a great way to enjoy them at a later time. Your berries can be directly frozen in the Blueberry Acres u-pick boxes. Please save our u-pick boxes and bring them back to pick in the next time you visit…….recycle.
We recommend checking out our Country Magic recipes page for some great ways to prepare your blueberries.
November through July, we sell 5lb boxes of frozen blueberries from Blueberry Acres, 1225 Middle Dyke Road, Centreville, upstairs in our administration office. During our commercial blueberry harvest (August through October) 5lb boxes of fresh blueberries can be bought at our u-pick Front Porch when open, otherwise, upstairs at our administration office. The office is open 9 – 5, Monday through Friday.

To place an order beforehand, please call 1-902-582-1445 ext 230

We also sell Country Magic blueberries in stores.

We have parking available at Blueberry Acres. Please lock your vehicle, as we are not responsible for items that could get stolen.

Raspberry & Tomato Upick

Our raspberry and grape tomato u-pick season begins in mid-July and runs through to Thanksgiving. Please join us at our Vital Berry tunnels for a fun time u-picking in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. If you have any questions while here, our friendly u-pick staff is available to help you.

Our raspberry and grape tomato u-pick is open from 9am to 5pm six days a week, closed on Wednesday. Our raspberry and grape tomato u-pick runs from the mid July through to Thanksgiving. Call, in season, for daily updates 902-582-1482

Our raspberry and grape tomatoes are grown in greenhouse style tunnels, so you can leisurely pick rain or shine!

We provide fiber pints for you to pick in.

We recommend that you bring a box or tray to carry the fibre pints in.

It doesn’t take long to pick a pint of raspberries or grape tomatoes.

Our u-pick costs:

  • $3.50/pint of raspberries
  • At our Vital Berry location, we only have the ability to accept CASH for payment.

We only accept cash at our raspberry and grape tomato u-pick.

Our raspberry and grape tomato u-pick is located at Vital Berry, 366 Gibson Woods Rd., just 2 minutes from Blueberry Acres. Ten minutes from the 101. Take exit 12 North off Hwy 101. Go straight through three sets of lights and two stop signs. At the second stop sign, turn left and continue 100 ft., then turn right. Just past Blueberry Acres, make a left on Saxon St. Drive approximately 3 km to a stop sign, then turn right onto to Gibson Woods Rd. Travel 300 ft and you will be arriving at the U-pick on your right.

You can’t miss our tunnels!

We are only a short drive to Canning and Kentville.

The ground in the tunnels is a bit uneven between the rows of canes. Parking is available right next to the tunnels.

We do not allow pets in our greenhouse tunnels because of our Vital Berry retail farm audits and health concerns.

Raspberries can be frozen in any closed container.
We recommend checking out our Country Magic recipes page for some great ways to prepare your raspberries and grape tomatoes.
We have parking available at the tunnels and ask that you please lock your vehicle.