2020 Blueberry Commercial Pick Protocol

What’s New for 2020?

The world has changed significantly since March 2020. Our operation has had to pivot with these changes and we have been working diligently with Public Health to develop measures to protect you, your co-workers, our staff and our customers.

Getting to the fields:

  • We will be using the same loading location as in previous years. The difference being that the U-Pick will also be sharing this space.  The u-pick will be on the south side of the park and the commercial will be on the north side of the barricade. Please stay on the north(right-side) of the barricade.
  • Porta-potties will be available at the park for you.  The washrooms in the packing plant will be out of bounds.
  • With COVID-19 restrictions the bus capacity will be limited and patience will be required while we move you. The bus will need to be sanitized between each pick up.

Physical Distancing, Hand Hygiene & Masks:

  • The same policies will exist at Blueberry Acres as other public venues; please adhere to physical distancing, hand sanitizing and wear a mask if you can not meet the required physical distance.
  • Please bring a mask with you as it will be required on the bus.
  • Absolutely no personal buckets will be allowed. We will have sanitized buckets in the field for you. The buckets must be returned each day for sanitization.

Food & Beverage:

  • Absolutely, no food or drinks in the field. You are permitted you own water bottle and we will provide water refills.  Paper cups will not be provided.
  • Space will be provided at the perimeter of the field for snack/lunch breaks and for smoking if required. Please see the supervisor for the designated location and please remember to physically distance from other pickers.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided before entry into the bus and again in each field location. Please use before entering the bus and fields and after break and after using the washroom.
  • Eating of berries while in the field is strictly prohibited.

Pay System:

  • We will be implementing a new pay system, this year there will be scales in the field and all your product will be weighed. More details to come.


  • Our Quality Team will have field auditors in the fields this year checking on incoming quality

Please respect each other and the rules.

We thank you in advance for following the rules and for doing your part. It is a new world, please maintain social distancing whenever possible.