General Rules:

Are you healthy? Any symptoms of Covid-19 please return home.

Masks are required on the bus, and when 2 meters physical distance cannot be met. Masks will be available at retail or from the bus driver.

Signs are in place to guide you through your picking experience.  Please read and follow all rules to ensure your health and safety.

Recommendations by NS OHS and Public Health to ensure your health and safety

Staff are available to guide you through these new protocols


Physical Distancing

  • Please respect the 2 metre (approx. 2 blueberry bushes apart) physical distance everywhere possible:
    • Lineups, Waiting Areas, Fields, Washroom Facilities, & Cashier Station

 Hand Hygiene

  • Good hand hygiene must be maintained
  • Hand sanitizers must be used – in place at entrances and in fields
  • Porta potties/hand washing stations, located in main parking lot, and in fields


  • Our bus driver & attendant will help with boarding
  • Have your group together
  • Start seating at back, moving towards the front
  • Seniors & those with disabilities, the front seats are for you
  • When it’s your turn, let our staff seat the rest of the bus first
  • When returning with your berries, please keep your boxes closed – spillage is a safety hazard


  • One of our field team will show you where the empty U-pick boxes are located
  • Pick up ONLY the number of boxes you are picking; if you want more later, you may return for them
  • Do not handle anyone else’s boxes
  • Blueberries are not allowed to be eaten on the bus
  • Stay in your groups so our supervisors can place you together in the field
  • You will be allowed plenty of room to pick your boxes
  • Keep your children close while picking, as they are part of your group 😊
  • While picking, keep your boxes under the bushes, out of the sun
  • Picking in someone else’s area is not allowed

While picking, someone may need to pass by you to exit the row

  • make sure your berries are safely out of the way
  • all parties must be wearing their masks
  • stay as far apart as possible

As these measures are new for everyone, we appreciate your patience and respect for workers and fellow pickers!

You are now ready to start picking