Frequently Asked Questions

We have received questions from customers in the past that we feel would be beneficial for all of our customer.

Our Country Magic products are grown conventionally. We utilize pesticides and herbicides when necessary. When have adopted some organic farming practices to reduce the need to use pesticides and herbicides.   We are continuing to investigate new ways to grow our crops using less pesticides and herbicides.
We have joined the Non-GMO Project’s Verification Program and our Country Magic blueberries, potato and onions are certified Non-GMO. We are working hard to certify more of our products to be Non-GMO.
Sustainability is an important value for us at Country Magic. All plastic clams for berries and tomatoes, poly-bags for potatoes are recyclable. Paper potato bags, cardboard trays and wooden strawberry baskets are decomposable.

We do not grow organic products on our farms, we have adopted some organic production practices to reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides.

You can purchase Country Magic products at major grocery stores in Atlantic Canada. We also sell products to foodservice companies.

Crop rotation is a big part of our farming strategy. When you have the same crop planted in the same field for consecutive years, it depletes the nutrients in the soil. That is why we plant a different crop every year that take different nutrients from the soil. We use natural fertilizers to replenish the soils of nutrients. There are some crops that we cannot crop rotate like our highbush blueberries.

Some of our products are harvested by hand and others are harvested mechanically. Some of our crops like blackberries and grape tomatoes are more delicate and need to be harvested by hand. Other crops like potatoes and onions are harvested with mechanical equipment.

We bring in products from other countries because here in Atlantic Canada we have a limited growing season. In order to better to serve our customers we bring in products from other countries when we cannot supply our own locally grown products.

For the most part most of our products we produce are sold in the Atlantic Canada, however we do export our blueberries to the United States.

Here at Country Magic we also have another brand, DykeView Farms. We also pack onions for Loblaws in their private label, Farmers Market and No Name Naturally Imperfect brand and onions for Wal-Mart under Your Fresh Market.

You should be storing your Country Magic blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, beans, leafy greens, lettuce, beets and carrots in the refrigerator. The Country Magic vegetables that you should be storing on your counter are grape tomatoes while onions and potatoes should be kept in a cool dark place.

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