Grape Tomatoes

Grape tomatoes are most flavourful when they are allowed to fully ripen on the vine. A ripe grape tomato will slip off the vine with a gentle tug. Country Magic grape tomatoes grow well in the Annapolis Valley with our warm days and cool nights. Our grape tomatoes are grown inside Haygrove Tunnels, a European style greenhouse, which shield them from the elements and can guarantee a more consistent climate and longer growing season.

Our Country Magic grape tomatoes are tasty treats that can be eaten in one bite! The small size of grape tomatoes makes them ideal for snacking. They have a firm, “meaty” texture and a unique tasty tomato flavor. Kids love them because they are sweeter than other tomato varieties. The warm days and cool nights ensure that each tomato is as sweet and succulent as it can be.
Grape tomatoes like all tomatoes contain the micronutrient lycopene. Lycopene is a carotenoid that acts as an antioxidant in the body. It has been shown to protect against lung and prostate cancers. Its availability is improved when tomatoes are cooked (good news for ketchup and pasta-lovers!).
Ripe grape tomatoes can keep for up to ten days at room temperature or slightly cooler if possible (and out of direct sunlight). Try not to refrigerate your grape tomatoes because this will negatively affect their flavour and texture.


Our grape tomatoes are grown in our Haygrove Tunnels, which act to control the growing environment. Trickle irrigation ensures that the tomatoes get the water and nutrients they need at the right times, and the plants are protected from the extremes that Mother Nature can sometimes dish out in the Maritimes. This allows us to provide you with consistently ripe, flavourful tomatoes all season.

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